• XS Energy Drinks, Need To Know


    Why has the formula of XS Energy Drinks changed recently? XS™ Energy Drink is committed to providing you and your clients with a quality range of drinks that are not only refreshing, but taste great! Over the next few months you will notice changes to the vitamin and herbal blend within our XS™ Energy Drinks range. There has been a slight adjustment to the B vitamin and the herbal blend. XS Energy Drinks now contain 2 key essential herbs in higher doses than before. These two herbs known as Panax Ginseng (Korean ginseng) and Panax Quinquefolium (American ginseng) work together to offer an improved energy drink range, which supports mental performance and energy levels, so you can be at your best all day, every day.

  • Quick Facts

    Quick Facts

    Did you know there is less than 1 calorie (3 kilojoules) of sugar in each XS Energy Drink? Compare that with some other 250ml energy drinks in the market that contain over 100 calories and about 27-30 grams of sugar - that’s about seven teaspoons of sugar in just one serve! Find out how XS Drink compares.