About XS Energy Drinks
XS brings you a delicious range of blended energy drinks which are healthier, and low in sugar. With a blend of herbs and 4 essential B Vitamins, XS Energy drinks provides you with fuelling energy so you can get more out of your day. With 8 delicious flavours such as fruity Tropical blast, Energy + Burn Blood Orange and more, you’ll be amazed by the quenching flavour each can of XS delivers. Whenever you need a pick-me up, these lightly-carbonated refreshments will surely give you the satisfaction you are looking for.

The XS Drink range has your energy drink needs covered with:
  • 8 delicious flavours to choose from
  • Being first for exclusively delivering a sugar free energy drink sold globally*
  • Low in sugar, light in Kilojoules, big on taste
  • Lightly sparkled to awaken your taste buds
  • Infused with 4 essential B-Vitamins for lasting energy
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