Improve Fitness Performance
Are you tired of the same old gym routine and are in a slump? Or are you just looking for a new way to improve your overall fitness performance? Well, you have come to the right place because we have some tips to help you kick start your workouts!

People often think about how much better they could be doing, but never take a step back to see the changes they could make to improve their performance. Often, the key issue is our reluctance towards change - so what should you do? The key to fitness performance is to make changes to your current fitness regime, whether it be improvements or mixing things up.

Check out our 6 key tips to getting more out of your workouts.
  1. Use The Buddy System
    Sometimes training by yourself can be hard as personal motivation doesn’t always come easy. An effective way to boost motivation as well as fitness performance is to find a workout buddy. A buddy system makes fitness more enjoyable and motivating as you start to become accountable to another person. By becoming accountable, you are more likely to stick to plans, reducing those missed workout sessions. Having a training buddy also encourages some healthy competition, making us train harder and better than we normally would.
  2. Get Active With The Activities You Love
    It’s always easier to push yourself physically when you're doing something you genuinely enjoy. If your current workout regime includes exercises you dread doing, this can naturally reduce your fitness performance. If this is the case for you, try tailoring your workout to include more of the activities you enjoy or things you haven’t tried to mix things up. If you don’t have a preferred activity, try different routines every week for a month to see which one you enjoy and tailor your training style to it so you can get more of your fitness performance.
  3. Electrolytes, Electrolytes, Electrolytes
    Key electrolytes such as sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium tend to be lost during physical activity as we perspire. If you don’t replace these key electrolytes, it can impair and reduce your performance. Therefore it is important to stay hydrated during and after physical activity with an electrolyte formula to help maintain optimal hydration levels and support peak performance. Look out for NEW XS™ Sports Nutrition Hydrate product launching in 2018!
  4. Pump Up Your Jam
    Did you know, the type of music you listen to can affect your mood, impacting your fitness performance? The more up-beat the music, the more you want to keep up with the beat. This helps to keep your energy levels and pace at peak performance whilst allowing you to keep momentum. It’s time to mix up your playlist and get jamming!
  5. Go Live With Social
    We always see everyone on social media posting about their gym session and transformation. Now, it’s time for you to get social and share your fitness goals. Why share your goals? By doing so, you become accountable to thousands of people to reach that goal, making you motivated to train harder so you reach it. Share your weekly goals with XS Sports Nutrition on Instagram and Facebook every Monday using #XSMondayGoals. Your goal might be an image of a fitness routine you want to complete or an image of the weights you want to be able to lift. Set your goals today and show the world that nothing is impossible!
  6. Use Supplements For That Extra OMPH!
    There are so many supplements on the market, but what ingredients should you look out for to help improve your fitness performance? Caffeine and carbohydrates are just some of the main energy sources your body needs in order to perform at its best during physical activity. Carbohydrates are key as they serve as your body’s preferred energy source. However caffeine works differently, as it has many effects on the body's metabolism such as stimulating the central nervous system. This can therefore make you more alert, helping to give your body a boost of energy.* Check out the XS Sport Nutrition range for supplements with these key ingredients to give you the energy you need during your next workout.
  7. Now, you have somewhere to start! Trial these tips and aim to reach your peak performance during each and every workout. If you also have tips on how you reach peak performance during your workouts, share your tips with us on our Facebook and Instagram page today.

    Source: *MedlinePlus 2016, ‘Caffeine’, viewed 22nd September 2016,

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